Young Launchers | Lynn’s Story
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Lynn’s Story


Lynn Buchinsky, MA, MBA is an accomplished entrepreneur with experience successfully growing national brands: Little Racquets, Sealy, Rubbermaid and Cystic Fibrosis.  A passionate, energetic team leader, skilled at launching new products, motivating individuals and managing broad tasks to achieve results.

Lynn combined her love of product development and entrepreneurship and created Young Launchers – an educational program that uses the basics of business to enhance cognitive and emotional skills – while establishing an appreciation for one of the fastest growing market segments, entrepreneurship. Young Launchers originated in Northeast Ohio where Laurel, Old Trail and Gilmour Academy have utilized the program for their summer camps.

Business was my identity throughout the last few years. The accomplishments of innovating, developing and selling Little Racquets taught me soft skills – drive, ambition and stamina, the temperament to manage adversity, the capacity to embrace change and a ton of chutzpah! Further, I realized that the skills I learned from Little Racquets were the critical success factors for virtually every facet of life. This realization drove me to create a fun-filled, entrepreneurial program for children aged 10-14. These crucial middle years are a time for parents to enrich their kids with new experiences that help develop 21st century skills. It is deeply gratifying to see Young Launchers help kids learn the abilities which will enable them to follow their dreams!