Young Launchers | FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Young Launchers?
  • Using elements of business, the program will enhance, kids aged 10-14, cognitive, social and emotional abilities, while establishing their understanding of the fast-growing entrepreneurial landscape. Used by schools, camps and virtually any classroom.
  • Student’s entrepreneurial spirit will soar as they learn how to develop and launch their own new product, and create targeted marketing and design sales materials.
  • Year round educational programming used by schools, camps and libraries in virtually any classroom.
  • Young Launchers was created by an entrepreneur.
What does Young Launchers Teach?

Young Launchers emphasizes FUN, age appropriate activities:


  • Entrepreneurial Jeopardy
  • BizWorld®
  • Idea generation
  • Team building
  • Speakers
  • Field trips
  • “Friendly” competitions
What is the benefit of Young Launchers?

Entrepreneurship education guides kids to think “outside the box” and nurtures unconventional talents and skills. Benefits include:


  • Analyzing situations
  • Problem solving
  • Pitching
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Socialization
Where do I find Young Launchers?
  • Camps (summer and vacation) – The Young Launcher program serves as a recruitment and enrichment program for schools during summer and vacation camps.  Program is a 1-week session of business 101, innovation and enrichment activities.
  • Curriculums – Schools can utilize Young Launchers as a curriculum item for a length of a school year.  Students will learn basic, thinking, people and personal skills while building self-esteem and confidence.
  • Enrichment Program – As an after-school program, Young Launchers provides that extra bit of creativity for the student at heart (ages 10-14).
  • Libraries – Weekly or monthly workshops and summer camps can focus on idea generation.